Commer Foam tender


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  1. laurie thompson says:

    in the back of city station too!

  2. Keith Breeze says:

    I remember when this foam tender arrived at city. The execs decided to have a third alarm exercise at the oil farm to see how good it was. Well Green watch was picked for the exercise and two of our guys were selected to operate it on the day. They practiced on it all day for both day shifts a week before the Saturday exercise. Heaps of stations were called in and a huge amount of foam was ear marked for the day. The officers were checking our two guys out all the time watching them operate this new machine. On the morning of the exercise both of these guys booked sick and because I was number three on the pump I was moved onto the foam tender with another guy. With only 30 minutes before the exercise as I drove the tender down to the oil farm I think it was John Cranston read the instruction book as fast as he could. Well everything went wrong as they pumped the foam compound to a portable dam next to the foam tender and it was all bubbles and of course I couldn’t draft it into the foam tenders pump. I used the foam tank on board instead and everything worked out okay in the end. The SOP for this appliance was rewritten after that.

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