Location anyone?

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  1. Gordon Henshaw says:

    I think this fire was in Lorne Street ( now opposite the Auckland Library).
    The Macambo Nightclub used to be popular with some off duty firemen in the early sixties.I believe that the rear entrance to the St.James picture theatre can be seen two to three doors away on the right hand side of the fire.

  2. Kim Lucas says:

    The Macambo Nightclub was located in Fort Street, Auckland City. Does anyone have a date for this fire? or any other information about the fire – cause?. The New Zealand Card Index has a reference which says December 1967.
    Reference: NZCI000081753 p.263 ASB (ASB stands for Auckland Scrap Book). I will go to Auckland Library to see if they have further information using this source as the starting point. There must have been a newspaper article.

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