Crew at Farmers – Names required


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  1. laurie thompson says:

    anyone out there who can put names to the faces

  2. Ray Warby says:

    These guys might be part of the crews brought in from the North Shore a first for Auckland.

  3. Gary Lane says:

    Second from the left is a young Trevor Green, maybe?

  4. Dave Bingham says:

    They are from the North Shore

  5. colin says:

    Does look like Trevor Green

  6. Jody Pena says:

    My Dad, standing behind the gentleman with the tank on his back. David John Gill, later nicknamed ‘Puff’, was 20 years old in this phoo, and was from the North Shore.

  7. Marion Gill says:

    The man standing at the back (behind Bill Ellis in BA) is John Gill. He did work at North Shore and also at Pitt Street. Then he went on to the Crash Fire crew at Auckland Airport. John died November 18 2008.

  8. Jody Pena says:

    My Dad is the one standing behind the gentleman wearing BA. He was David John Gill, later nicknamed ‘Puff’, aged 20 in this photo.

  9. David Maher says:

    The one wearing the BA on the right is Roland Blennerhassett who died in the last few years in Hervey Bay Australia. The one behind him is John Gill. Next to John Gill on the left is me. David Maher who also lives in Hervey Bay Australia. We were in the North Shore Fire Brigade at the time of the Farmers Fire.

  10. Jillene Henderson says:

    My Dad was also from the Takapuna Fire Station. His name is Charlie Henderson. He was there fighting the Farmers Fire. He passed away in 2009

  11. David Maher says:

    I have another photo from the farmers fire. It is of john Gill and myself. Can I send it in please, and tell me how to do it.

  12. David Maher says:

    I have another photo from the Farmers fire, it is of john Gill and myself, can I send it to you. please tell me how to do that.
    Dave Maher

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