Anyone identify the BA equipment?


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  1. Gordon Henshaw says:

    This looks like a Draeger BG174 Oxygen Set, the set was introduced with a mouth piece & nose clips originally, later a full face piece as shown was introduced.
    The square box attached to the harness on the left shoulder was a warning devise should the wearer get into trouble.
    The Draeger replaced the old Proto type sets & had a duration of 4hrs which could be extended if one became trapped.

  2. Gary Westbury says:

    Yes that was the Draeger BG174. Note the visor had a ‘windscreen wiper’ to assist in clearing any visor fogging.
    The silver metal half-cup near the wearers elbow housed the oxygen cylinder pressure gauge.
    The same sets were used by NZ mines rescue.

  3. Gary Westbury says:

    If I remember right Stereo Safety were the NZ agents.

  4. Bob Durham says:

    I can remember many many uncomfortable hours both wearing and instructing in the damn sets.

    Spraying water on the cartridges to cool down the O2.

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