The Auckland Fire Brigade Historical Society (AFBHS) was formed at a meeting on May 3rd 2010 by a small group of dedicated fire and ex fire service personnel. It was decided that the history of the Auckland Fire Brigade needed to be recorded and preserved for future generations along with equipment, uniforms, vehicles, photographs and any other items that could be obtained.

The interpretation of “Auckland” means both permanent and volunteer brigades within the Auckland Fire Region (2010). The area includes fire brigades in previously known configurations as fire brigade or within area, district, division or region, which includes North Shore and all surrounding volunteer brigades.

Full membership is open to all persons employed by the Auckland Fire Brigade, or any other full time & Volunteer fire brigade, Fire prevention or Protection service, along with retired employees/volunteers of the above mentioned services and any other interested individuals.  Associate membership is available for those living overseas who are unable to attend meetings/workshops etc. Associate members will receive the newsletter, can attend the AGM but cannot vote or hold an official position within the Society. We also have a Brigade/Corporate membership available.

We are registered with the Charities Commission as a charitable entity (Reg. CC45510)  which allows us to apply for grants and funding. All Donations are eligible for tax credits through Inland Revenue.

The objects and purposes of the society are:

  • To preserve artifacts of historical significance relating to fire fighting services in the Auckland Region.
  • To establish links with organizations that have similar interests.
  • To disseminate historical information to any interested person, by publishing historical material such as books and newsletters, maintaining a web site, holding meetings and workshops, conducting historic tours, marking or restoring historic buildings and sites, operating a museum or historic site, and to make all material available for study and research by individuals and scholars as appropriate.

Anyone interested in joining the society can contact the Secretary (Colin Prince) on (09) 4823148 or any committee member for further information, send an email, or just fill out the application form and post it to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any items that you would like to donate to the Society please let us know. All items will be receipted, numbered, all details entered into our database and kept in secure storage, until they can be displayed. Please contact any committee member.


The society was incorporated and changed its name in 2016 to better reflect its role now and in the future. : Auckland Fire Brigades Museum & Historical Society Incorporated.

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